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Common Business Oriented Language is referred as COBOL .It's the second oldest high level programming language. COBOL is needed principally for business applications. In COBOL, the extent of the computer programs is usually long in contrast to other programming languages. Earlier the programmers thought this hard to compose computer programs in this language. Numerous programmers considered COBOL like the out-of-date programming lingo. However still it is used widely for business purposes. For past 35 years several salary and accounting software programs were written in COBOL. Programmers possesing COBOL skills are required currently. In this you'll find some the important COBOL Interview questions.

What are the parts in COBOL computer program?

For this simple question it is possible to state only the divisions. You need not to elucidate very well. The four divisions of COBOL software programs include identification part, environment division, data division and procedure part. Planning for such primitive COBOL interview questions will be really valuable.

What may be the difference between binary quest and a sequential quest?

The table essentials crucial values should be in increasing or in descending arrangement in binary quest. Till an element is found the table endlessly searches for equal to, greater than or less than conditions in binary search. In sequential quest the elements needn't to be in a exact sequence as the table is looked up and down. You could use sequential quest for smaller tables and binary search is apt for large tables. It is crucial to state the COBOL commands used in both quests. This will present you additional points in an interview. SEARCH ALL directive is used in binary quest and SEARCH command is utilized for sequential search.

Speak the disparity among comp and comp-3 use?

This kind of COBOL interview questions are asked to analyze your grasp regarding programming language. Comp is called like the quickest data type and it really is the most preferred data type. In binary use comp is used. To signify packed decimal comp-3 is utilized. Binary and display are the regular usages.

Mention the variations between OS VS COBOL and VS COBOL II?

OS/VS COBOL program can run only in 24 bit addressing mode. However VS COBOL II is able to running both in 24 bit addressing mode and in 31 bit. Scope terminators, EVALUATE and reference changes are used merely in VS COBOL II. VS COBOL II follows ANSI 85 STD but OS/VS COBOL uses ANSI 74 STDs. OS/VS COBOL program supports report writer.

COBOL interview questions on EVALUATE declaration

EVALUATE declaration is utilized to substitute nested IFs. It's just like a case statement. You may well not require break for EVALUATE declaration. The power is instinctively passed to the subsequent declaration after the execution of when clause. Further code will not be essential.

Aim to solve the COBOL programs manually to get selected successfully as a programmer. It maybe tricky for one to solve COBOL Interview questions if you don't be familiar with about the commands used in COBOL programming lingo. Once if you go through all of the essential queries, then it is going to turn into an easy interview for you.

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